welcome to breviewed

i’m bre, a twenty-something year old florida native with a love for, well, many things. one thing that i really love to do is share my opinions. i want others to know about my discoveries, whether that be a new skincare product worth trying, a recipe worth tasting or a vacation hotspot worth visiting. i don’t just want people to know about these things, i want people to benefit from them. maybe you have also been looking for a toner that won’t irritate your skin, a meal to impress your friends or the perfect hotel near universal studios.

i test beauty products and recipes, hunt down deals, travel near and far to find great things and places to share with you. i discuss what i do and don’t like about everything i try, whether i paid for it myself or not. i try to be as transparent as possible so if there is something you’d like to know, just ask! also feel free to contact me with products or places you’d like to read about.