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i think recipe blog posts are one of the most stressful things about cooking. in this article, i will be discussing a few things that you will not see in my recipe posts and how avoiding these things positively affect my recipes.

chit chat; one of the things that drives me crazy is going to the link of a recipe and spending 5 minutes on the page to find the ingredients list. it is frustrating and can be avoided. minimal chit chat is key, that is why my recipes are easy to follow.

step-by-step pictures; there is not a single recipe out there that i have tried and actually followed the step-by-step pictures. typically i have stuff laid out all over the kitchen, oil on my hands, fumbling my iphone around just trying to figure out when to mix in which ingredients then my screen times out, my phone won’t read my greasy fingerprint, the recipe page reset and i have to scroll through an article about someone’s kids before i get back to the instructions. my recipe pages will not include step-by-step instructions (unless absolutely necessary), that is why the ingredients list and instructions in my recipes are easy to find, even with greasy fingers.

exact measurements; okay this one might be a weird one. let me know if i’m crazy but i never follow measurements. unless i am cooking something like rice that can be ruined without the proper water-to-rice ratios, i don’t pay any attention to how many cups of onion, teaspoons of thyme or pinches of salt the recipe calls for. i like to look at recipes more as ideas, i get my inspiration from the ingredients but i tailor the dish to what i want. by not including exact measurements (again, unless absolutely necessary), my recipes will spark your creativity.

perfection; i am not a professional cook.. i like to eat and my favorite meals to eat are those that i make for myself. as pretty as plating can be, i appreciate a presentation that looks like something i can actually make. my pictures may not be perfect, but i assure you the food is delicious. because of my more laid-back approach to plating, my recipes are not intimidating.

long ingredient lists; there is almost nothing worse than scrolling to the bottom of a twelve paragraph recipe with 42 pictures to get to the ingredient list and see it calls for 32 items. i like to keep things simple, using fresh ingredients that pair well together and flavorizing things with my favorite herbs and spices that i always keep on-hand. my minimal approach to cooking means that my recipes are budget-friendly.

what is something that you don’t like seeing in recipe blog posts? let me know in the comments below!

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