recipes for leftover easter eggs

now that easter is over, most of us are stuck with at least a carton of boiled eggs. i’ve rounded up a list of egg recipes to ensure none of our eggs go to waste.
keep reading for recipes, ideas and more.


leftover easter eggs recipes (spicy tuna bowl with avocado and kimchi)
spicy tuna bowl with avocado and kimchi


more ideas

  • cut in half and add to ramen
  • add as a side to lunch for some extra protein
  • make tuna salad (use it for sammies, wraps or just over a bed of spinach)- try replacing mayo with avocado!
  • make a cobb salad, or add to any salad (even pasta salad)
  • bring a few to work as a snack to prevent running to the vending machine for chips or candy


check out the food section of my blog for more ideas.

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