meal prep | low-carb breakfast bowl

inexpensive, super easy and filling, this breakfast is one of my favorites to bring to the office. i often create different versions with different items i have on-hand. as always, my recipes are short, to-the-point and easy to follow.

keep reading for ingredients and instructions.

low-carb breakfast bowl recipe


  • 2 boiled eggs per meal (soft or hard will work)
  • cole slaw mix (shredded lettuce will also work)
  • smashed avocado
  • sriracha (optional, recommended)
  • bacon (optional)


  • create bed of cabbage/lettuce
  • top with cut boiled eggs
  • season to taste (garlic, black pepper, himalayan salt, chives and a touch of paprika)
  • add some avocado
  • add bacon
  • drizzle on the sriracha
  • store in the fridge and enjoy that morning time you saved yourself


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