recipe | perfect mini potatoes

every since i created this recipe, i make sure to always have these cute taters in my kitchen. as with all of my recipes, this one is quick and easy! what i love most about this one in particular is that this can stand alone as a side dish, be tossed into a buddah bowl or even incorporated into a potato salad. keep on reading for ingredients and instructions.


mini potatoes
spices (minced garlic, himalayan salt, pepper, parsley)


1. boil potatoes

use a test potato. take it out after boiling for 8 minutes or so and cut into it. if you like what you see, move to the next step. keep in mind, it’s better to under-cook *slightly* since it will be going on the heat again after boiling.

2. when the potatoes are almost done boiling, heat up a frying pan over medium-high heat
3. drain potatoes
4. add a small amount oil to the pre-heated pan (i use olive oil)
5. add potatoes to the pan (optional: cut potatoes in half before adding to pan; this enhances crispy goodness)
6. season to your liking (i like to keep it simple as i usually add these bad boys to my buddah bowls and i don’t want the flavor of these to be overwhelming)
7. fry until golden brown, then flip (DO NOT OVERCOOK; if you do, the insides will be dry)
8. enjoy!

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