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you can eat the same meal everyday for a week yet make every meal taste different. you can take plain old potatoes and turn them into something amazing. you can make the pickiest eaters love something they’ve always hated. stretch your dollar and make ’em holler, invest in your spices and herbs.

keep reading for a list of my current staples. 

my spices and herbs staples

black pepper
cajun (mccormick perfect pinch)
chili powder
chipotle & roasted garlic (mccormick grill mates)
curry powder
dill weed
garlic powder
ground ginger
himalayan salt
italian seasonings (mccormick perfect pinch)
onion powder

check out the food section of my blog for ways to incorporate these staples into simple, yummy meals.

which spices and herbs do you always have on-hand? tell me in the comments below!

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