review | m magic cushion by missha

this bb cushion does an amazing job at hiding my imperfections without making it look like i’m wearing a ton of makeup. the formula works wonders on my combination/sensitive skin- it doesn’t break me out and it keeps my oily t-zone under control all day long. i also love the fuss-free applicator; not only does it save me time by not making my hands (or vanity) a mess in the morning, but it creates a beautiful, dewy finish.

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review | babyface bb cream by it’s skin

this bb cream is thick and pigmented- i have oily skin and prefer a more natural look, so when i saw the dollop on my hand before i applied it, it scared me! although the coverage is heavier than other bb creams i gravitate towards, it’s surprisingly lighter than full coverage. i love that it applies like butter and has a light, clean scent to it. what impressed me the most is that it actually lasts throughout the day and does not crease or flake!

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